The Stage Musical

Prison Dancer: [ The Stage Musical ]
The lives of eight Filipino maximum-security prisoners are changed forever when a video of their dance-based rehabilitation program becomes a viral Internet sensation on YouTube. As the dark prison suddenly finds itself in the worldwide spotlight, these hardcore criminals are given a second chance to find love and happiness in the most challenging circumstances. A modern inspired-by-a-true-story about how fears can hold us captive – and dreams can set us free to dance!
Prison Dancer: The Musical was written and selected to be presented on stage in 2010 – first at Toronto’s Fu-Gen Theatre Potluck Festival, at the Factory Studio Theatre, and then again at the prestigious Summerworks Canada Theatre Festival, where it launched the debut of their Musical Works in Concert program.
Both presentations boasted sold-out shows, with audiences queuing up outside in hopes of buying rush or standing room only tickets.
In March 2011, Prison Dancer: The Musical was selected to participate in the New York Musical Theatre Festival (NYMF).